Clearwine Fort


Brondagal, or Clearwine Fort as it is more widely known, is the oldest settlement in Sartar and ancestral seat of the Colymar kings. The largest settlement in Sartar that is not a city, Clearwine has some 1500 residents and is the tribal center of the Colymar.

Clearwine is located on a spur overlooking the Nymie Vale and the Stream Vale. It is defended by huge earthworks that were built by the Vingkotlings in the Storm Age. These works were reinforced by the Empire of Wyrms Friends with stone walls once covered with distinctive blue tiles. The blue tiles have been removed and towers and a roofed walkway built atop the walls add further defenses. The Sacred Way through Clearwine is laid out in a spiral that emulates the home of the Colymar gods.

Sacrifices to Orlanth Rex and to Colymar the Founder take place here, traditionally presided over by the king of the Colymar. Clearwine is also associated with shrines to the Seven Lightbringers, Humakt, and Yinkin.

Most of the residents are farmers of the Ernaldor clan whose fields are scattered throughout the Nymie Vale. The king’s household, tribal priests and thanes normally reside in Clearwine. The king has several halls at his disposal, the greatest being the King’s Hall, a grand hall some one hundred and fifty feet long and forty feet wide, with buttressed outer walls and a roof shingled in bronze.

Coopers, redsmiths, tanners, turners, potters, antler and soapstone carvers all ply their trade in Clearwine, many providing services for the Colymar tribe and king. The king maintains an ironsmith, a dangerous man who stole secrets from the dwarfs. Each Earth Season, there is a great cattle market. Traders from all over Sartar come to sell wares, purchase livestock, and make deals for the next year.

Clearwine Earth Temple

The Clearwine Earth Temple is dedicated to Ernalda in her many aspects, along with many other gods and goddesses of Life, including some otherwise not worshiped in Sartar such as Flamal and the Daughter of the Vine. A massive statue of Ernalda Mistress of Snakes dominates the main gallery. It was here that the goddess Orane lived when she bore the Necklace of Life. The center of the Colymar tribal cult of Ernalda, the temple is also supported by the surrounding tribes and is widely recognized as the senior Ernaldan temple in Sartar, Approximately a score of full-time priestesses are supported by the temple.

Clearwine Fort

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