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  • Clearwine Fort

    [[File:789646 | class=media-item-align-center | Sartar_GPearce_ClearwineFort_MapInkFinal_141009.jpg]] Brondagal, or Clearwine Fort as it is more widely known, is the oldest settlement in Sartar and ancestral seat of the Colymar kings. The largest …

  • Berra

    A simple shepherdess of humble origins, Berra is betrothed to the young merchant Hend. In Earth season 1625, she barely survived an attack at the hands of Danakos, son of Ergost, a rogue member of the Greydog Tribe, during a cattle raid.

  • Mortality

    The man called Mortality used to be Brol the Farmer, until he was caught up in a raid by the Greydog Clan and killed. His wife, Dorasa, managed to beg a Chalana Arroy priestess to resurrect him, but she couldn’t bring him all back. Some essential part of …