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  • Clearwine Fort

    [[File:789646 | class=media-item-align-center | Sartar_GPearce_ClearwineFort_MapInkFinal_141009.jpg]] Brondagal, or Clearwine Fort as it is more widely known, is the oldest settlement in Sartar and ancestral seat of the Colymar kings. The largest …

  • Leika Black Spear

    Queen of the Colymar from 1613–15, and again in 1625. Beloved of the people for her prowess and feared by the Lunars. The empire conspired with her rivals and her own tribe exiled her. She served King Broyan in exile, and helped slay the Crimson Bat. She …

  • Zarah

    The second wife of Baranthos, Zarah rules the Ernaldori in her husband's stead when he is away. Of royal blood herself, she widely known for her fearsome pride and short temper.

  • Berra

    A simple shepherdess of humble origins, Berra is betrothed to the young merchant Hend. In Earth season 1625, she barely survived an attack at the hands of Danakos, son of Ergost, a rogue member of the Greydog Tribe, during a cattle raid.

  • Mortality

    The man called Mortality used to be Brol the Farmer, until he was caught up in a raid by the Greydog Clan and killed. His wife, Dorasa, managed to beg a Chalana Arroy priestess to resurrect him, but she couldn’t bring him all back. Some essential part of …