Asborn Thriceborn

Storm Voice of Orlanth


A melancholy Storm Voice, Asborn is a famed warrior and hero of the Colymar tribe. He is a boon companion of Queen Leika and accompanied her into Snake Pipe Hollow during her Crown Test; he is often called Demonslayer for all the Chaos he killed. Twice he has died and twice Orlanth has returned him from the dead. He has come back to life so many times that it’s easier to come back than stay dead. Asborn knows the secret paths through Tarnsdisi’s Grove and is protected by the “Old Man” of the Grove.

Asborn was once a close friend of Kangharl Kagradusson before he became king of the Colymar. The two fought side-by-side in many adventures and battles until Kangharl betrayed Queen Leika. Asborn now despises his former companion, always calling the king by his contemptuous nickname, “Blackmoor.”

Between the edge of the Colymar Wilds and the base of the Big Starfire Ridge is the stead of Asborn Thriceborn, a powerful thane of the Hiording clan and priest of Orlanth. The stead is in a natural defensible location and has surprisingly strong fortifications for its size.

Asborn Thriceborn

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