Guide to the Runes


Every adventurer is tied to several of the Runes. These Rune Affinities represent the strength and nature of your adventurer’s presence in both the Middle World and the Gods World of Glorantha. Three categories of Runes make up an adventurer: Elemental, Power, and Form.

Elemental Runes

The six Elemental Runes represent the raw essence of the cosmos. The elements bind adventurers to the conflicts of the Gods War, and are behind their most primordial drives.

  • Darkness
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire/Sky
  • Air
  • Moon

Power/Form Runes

The POwer Runes represent the strength and nature of an adventurer’s personality and their social impulses in Glorantha. They are rooted in the cosmic dualities of the Gods World but also affect the Middle World. These Runes consist of five opposed pairs of Power Runes.

Humans also have an opposed pair of Form Runes: Man and Beast.

  • Harmony
  • Disorder
  • Stasis
  • Movement
  • Truth
  • Illusion
  • Fertility
  • Death
  • Man
  • Beast

Other Runes

Not all the Runes can be used by adventurers. Some belong to nonhumans, discorporate beings, and still others are conditions that modify Elements, Powers, or Forms.

The following Form Runes are associated primarily with entities other than humans:

  • Chaos
  • Dragonewt
  • Plant
  • Spirit

The Condition Runes modify other Runes, and some philosophers claim that they are a status and not an inherent thing.

  • Law
  • Mastery
  • Magic
  • Infinity

Guide to the Runes

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