Creatures of Dragon Pass

Air Elementals (Sylphs)

Characteristics Small Medium Large
Size in cubic meters 27 (3×3×3) 54 (3×6×3) 81 (3×9×3)
Hit points 1D6+6 2D6+12 3D6+18
STR 1D6+6 2D6+12 3D6+18
Movement 12 12 12

A sylph attacks by taking a character caught within it and throwing him to the top of the elemental, and then dropping him. Damage done is 1D6 per 3 meters of fall. Thus a small sylph can do a maximum of 2D6 damage, but by making the elemental 6 meters high, a medium sylph can do 3D6 damage, etc.

An Adventurer may try to resist by pitting his STR against that of the elemental. This should be resolved as if the elemental were attacking the character by magic, except that it STR against STR, rather than POW against POW. If the character resists, he stays on the ground.

If there is more than one target within the area covered by the elemental, it may divide its STR equally among the targets and overcome each STR on an individual basis. Thus, a large sylph with a STR of 30, having three targets within one area, can attack each target with a STR of 10. If it works against one, but not against the others, then one victim goes flying while the others stay on the ground. If so commanded, it will attack only one target, leaving the others alone.

Characters may choose to attack or cast spells at a sylph instead of resisting, in hopes that the sylph will be destroyed in mid-toss, causing only half damage for the toss. The characters will still be tossed, however.

A sylph can also be used to fly characters around. A small sylph can life one human-sized (SIZ 20 or smaller) being, a medium sylph two human-sized or smaller beings, and a large sylph, three. The sylph must be ordered to do this, and cannot do anything else while doing it. If one wants to try to lift a giant, or other large creature, divide its SIZ by 20. A sylph that can carry the resultant number of humans can carry the monster.

Creatures of Dragon Pass

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