Tag: demigod


  • Cragspider Firewitch

    This demigoddess is the best known and perhaps most powerful of all trolls. She began as a dark troll in the spider cult of Aranea and worked her way to godhood. At her beck and call are all the powers of Fire and Darkness. In the Second Age, she created …

  • Ironhoof

    The demigod ruler of the Beast Men has reincarnated several times throughout—and even before—history, most recently in 1615. He created the Grazeland Pony Breeders and was the first sacred King of Dragon Pass. Ironhoof is a centaur and lord of all horses.

  • Harrek the Berserk

    Harrek the Berserk is the White Bear, a figure that features in many prophecies of the Hero Wars. He is a man, a beast and a god. He is an outlaw, a mercenary, a pirate and the living avatar of Death. Everywhere he goes, destruction follows. Harrek is …