Gringle Goodsell

Pawnshop Owner


This priest and devotee of Issaries, the God of Trade, is originally from Esrolia but is well known in Sartar for his pawnshop in Apple Lane. Gringle lends coin in exchange for an item of value given to him as security. Within a specified amount of time, the borrower can repay Gringle’s loan plus interest and reclaim the item. Gringle also buys and sells valuable goods.

The Pawnbroker is widely known for his skill in evaluating goods, and also for his fast talk and skillful purchasing. Gringle loves to haggle. His stock is extensive: if he does not have exactly the item someone wants, he will have something similar. He is an old man, graying, with one eye that twitches, yet holds himself proud and aloof. Gringle is unfailingly polite except to rude people. He tries to avoid fights, but defends his home like a bear with cubs.

Gringle Goodsell

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