Fazzur Wideread

Former Governor-General of Dragon Pass


Fazzur was the Governor-General of Dragon Pass from 1613 to late 1621, and one of the greatest military captains in Gloranthan history. Chief of the Orindori clan and ruler of Kordros Island, Fazzur is a Rune Master of Yanafal Tarnils and initiated into the mysteries of the Red Goddess. He is the uncle of King Pharandros of Tarsh, immensely rich and owns vast estates in Tarsh, Sartar, and Sylila.

A skilled fighter and a military captain of genius, Fazzur has never been defeated in battle, earning fame first at Grizzly Peak, and later as the architect of the Imperial victories in Sartar, Prax, and Heortland. After his retirement in 1621, Fazzur became the bitter enemy of his nephew and retired to his estates outside of Dunstop, raising horses and writing an account of his campaigns.

Fazzur Wideread

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