Argrath White Bull

King of Pavis


The name Argrath is a Sartarite corruption of “Arkat” and means “Liberator.” Argrath was born in 1586, the heir to Sartar through his mother Yanioth Two-Sight; he is a member of the Colymar Tribe through his father Maniski. Argrath was forced to flee his home on Starfire Ridge when he was 14 years old and fled into the Wastelands. While a slave of the Bison Tribe, he freed the White Bull spirit and received gifts from the dragons. In 1621, Argrath organized the defense of the baby giant and accompanied the Cradle to the sea. There he met Harrek the Berserk and together they circumnavigated the Homeward Ocean. During his adventures, Argrath gathered companions from many lands and gained remarkable insight into the nature of Gloranthan magic and mythology.

Argrath is extremely unconventional in his approach to heroquesting, combining Arkati insights, God Learner philosophy, and draconic mysticism with traditional cult secrets. He even possesses an uncanny knowledge of Lunar strengths and weaknesses. Despite this, he wields the magic of Orlanth like no hero before him.

Argrath White Bull

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